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My Story


I've been ketogenic since 2010 and it means I eat about 80% saturated fat every day, moderate protein and a minimum of carbs from leefy greens and cruciferous vegetables. I started this extreme diet because I was living with a constant feeling of being "sick". I was always tired, had constant throat infections, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and low ability to focus, accompanied with very low physical energy and feelings of muscle weakness. The doctors couldn't do much besides sending me to a psychiatrist, label me with a bunch of diagnoses, prescribe anti-depressants and tell me to eat some vitamins. It didn't work so I did what many people do these days, I started to study and experiment with my own biology and slowly began to fix myself.

I believe it's of utter importance to become a specialist of one's own biochemistry, and that's why I love to teach other's about how to hack their health. 

From "skinny fat" to beast mode 

I enjoy these "before-after" photos of me because I remember the difference in how I felt in each photo. Weak and exhausted vs strong, determined and energized. The before picture shows me as a vegetarian that lived on caffeine, sugar, dairy, gluten, quorn and soy. 

It took a few weeks of ketogenic living before I felt the urge to work out. Something I had never done before, but I just suddenly "felt like it". My mind cleared up, I began to see the world with new eyes and I wanted to run, jump, climb, swim and lift heavy stuff. A year in I ran my first 10K, then a half marathon, and after that I started to attend weight lifting competitions. The difference in mental and physical performance was gigantic. 



The seed of biohacking 


I don't think a keto diet is the be all end all when it comes to health. Many paths can lead to the same goal even though the different paths will have some common denominators. In my research I have found that certain metabolic and genomic types favor a ketogenic approach above all, because of glucose sensitivity and sensitive genetics. 

All biohackers begin somewhere and for me it was with diet and physical fitness. I then moved on to improve my mental capacity, focus and level of mindfulness. I've tried all types of nootropics and  mental performance techniques, read hundreds of spiritual books and has been a dedicated meditator since 2014. 

2014 was also the year I started to explore digital nomadism and what it means like running my own business as a science writer and editor. 

Science editing encompass reviewing scientific articles before they get published in scientific journals. My areas of expertise are biotechnology, medtech, biochem, cellular biology and neurochem.
A quest for insight 

was the subtitle of my first chemistry book and is also the subtitle of my life. I always seek to understand everything I encounter on my path.