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My intolerance test

I have spent the last month designing 'the perfect diet' for myself, with regards to allergies and intolerances. Thanks to my carnivore experiment I realized I still have some minor issues that can easily be fixed with elimination, but what to eliminate? The usual suspects (caseine, nuts and avocado) or more?

I'm going to do a full blood analysis (ImuPro), but I start with hair analysis because it is a lot cheaper and it was also on sale. The golden standard is a skin prick test but it only tests for IgG and not IgA, IgE and the other ones that give a more subtle reaction. I know that many people are quite skeptical towards both hair analysis and ImuPro, but I have several friends that have benefited greatly from the results. One friend lost 14kg (30lbs) in a few weeks just by eliminating eggs from her diet, after she learned that she was intolerant to both the yolk and the whites.

The test I did test the following: 

  • 750 of the most common food items and non-food items including pollen, wheat, dairy, tea, eggs, vegetables and meat.

  • 80 nutrient deficiencies

  • 24 metals like mercury and lead

My results for intolerances

The results only show if you get over 85% because that's when symptoms start to present.

My comments: Spelt, rye and barley Avocado and cheese Peanuts Black mold (Aspergillus Niger) it's often on cashew, peanuts and cheese.

Non-foods Oak and willow

I'm a little surprised that I didn't get anything on cats or any other animals, nor casein. I'm usually quite allergic to cats and I thought I was super-intolerant to casein, but not according to this test... makes me question the test a bit.

My results for deficiencies

My comments: Lactic acid...? I don't need to be able to break down lactose because I don't eat that. I should have enough lecithin because I eat a lot of eggs.

Sodium, Vanadium (?), Vitamin B6 and B1.

Well... I guess I can add more sodium and try to supplement with B1. Anyone supplementing with B1 that can tell me about the potential benefits?

My results for metals

Green = optimal, orange = a little too much, red = too much

My comments:

I'm satisfied with all the metal tests I've done because I think the results are pretty good. This test shows that I have too much of:

Vanadium (?) but it also said I was deficient (?) Titanium (my engagement ring) Tin (from canned tuna and mackerel?) Strontium (?) Radium (?) Radio active Polonium (?) Radio active Nickel (from jewellery?) Copper Cadmium Bromine Zinc (I supplement with Zn)

I wonder if I have Radium and Polonium because I've lived in China for a few years? Otherwise I think it looks ok and I don't feel like I need to detox or anything. Everyone has a few metals in their body, and the worst ones are probably lead, mercury and amalgame.

This test is done on my hair, and I bleach my hair which may affect the results even though they told me it wouldn't. I provided a few strands of my hair + roots + few of my eye brows.

I look forward to comparing this with a blood test.

General comments

I like beer and I love peanuts, and I know that I should stay away from both. Avocado makes my mouth itch. Mold is typically found in nuts and cheese... and? Where else? Prawns are not very tasty and I'm good at avoiding additives so I don't think this test will change my behavior. I'm just surprised that I didn't get more things on the food and non-food list... maybe not as sensitive as I think?

Have you done a test like this and if yes, did you find it to be reliable?

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