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Key points

  • I'm an author, thinker and futurist with a master's degree in Bioengineering. I love science, medicine, self exploration and optimization.

  • I'm 34 and I've spent the last 8 years hacking my brain and body to feel better, think better and perform better.

  • I optimize sleep, social skills, self discipline, physical performance, strength to weight ratio, mobility (ROM), productivity and time management, finance, general health, mood and my physical appearance (skin, hair, nails), VO2 and metabolism/fat adaption.

  • Most complex issues always relates to brain chemistry.

  • My goal with my biohacking is to feel happy, content, calm, confident, energetic, purposeful, stable and look great at the same time.

Fitness and training

The easiest biohack in the world is to start strength training. Lifting weights will improve all your biomarkers without a doubt. Focus on full body movements like squats, deadlifts, benchpress, dips and pull ups. It's a great base that will let you activate large muscle groups and all those GLUT4 receptors to make sure you clear your blood stream from excess glucose.

Cardio is always HIIT-based.

Mobility, balance and motor skills

I was one of them that thought that some people just aren't flexible. I always skipped gym class in school and I've never been good at any sport. I'm naturally stiff as a board but a year ago I decided to challenge this perception. I was introduced to Emmet Louis, a very well renowned mobility coach that claims that EVERYONE can be more flexible, regardless of age. He's actually right. I've made some great improvements in just a few months, and did you know it's a myth that your muscles need to be 'longer'?

Juggling and hand balancing is currently in my training program as well and I love the combination of focus, strength, mindfulness and that I need to battle my egoic need for fast progressions.


A strict, well-planned ketogenic diet is unmatched. You can never find anything better whether you want a lean body, get rid of inflammation, beat various diseases, improve physical or mental performance and live longer.

This is my firm belief and I've been keto for about 8 years now. I'm regularly in deep ketosis and I don't like to get out of ketosis so I don't do that very often. Before I found the keto diet I was a vegetarian, it lasted a few years until I restricted it further to a vegan diet for health reasons. Being vegan had the opposite effect and my mental and physical health was a mess.

During my years with keto I have tried re-feeds, paleo, AIP, GAPS, FODMAP and the carnivore diet, which has given me a lot of insights, but keto is the most scientifically sound diet that I always come back to.

I'm not into fasting unless it's a hardcore 5 day waterfast. Everything else is bullshit.


I don't see the point in eating a handful of supplements and drugs everyday because it's cheaper and smarter to decrease your body's need for extra vitamins and heal physically, emotionally and spiritually so you don't need to take drugs for optimal health and performance.

Some supplements and drugs are great though.

Zn, Mg can never go wrong. Mg reduces anxiety and worry and Zn increases testosterone and progesterone.

Creatine is the only work out supplement I will ever use.


I have suffered greatly from anxiety, GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), ASD, OCD, panic attacks, grief, rage, social phobia, stage fright, severe emotional instability and worry so I have taken a lot of drugs to battle this.

My insights are that it's possible to teach the brain new ways through meditation, KBT and micro-dosing of certain drugs. If you have never experienced hyper focus or calmness in your life, drugs can be a great door opener, but once you know what you're looking for, it's achievable naturally.

This deserves a longer post because I have overcome all my mental issues and I have been very stable for 3 years now. I can experience episodes of low energy or moodiness occasionally, but it's rare and very undramatic. Probably related to me living in the northern hemisphere.

Therapy vs coaching

I've been to a lot of psychotherapy but I think coaching is a lot better. Spend money on a good coach that can help you take you where you want to be and fix your other issues with meditation, training and a great diet (+ supplements + drugs).

Social skills and social anxiety

Beta blockers are of great help and can be used successfully for stage fright as well. They make everything smoother and less scary. SSRI is not the same thing at all and will mostly make your days a bit brighter, which can be nice but won't fix disabling nervousness.

My doctor told me that beta blockers don't remove nervousness (or stage fright) just the physical symptoms but that is just plain wrong. The same doctor told me that Benzodiazepines are extremely dangerous, addictive and doesn't fix anything, which was also plain wrong. I'm forever grateful for the door opening experience of BZs.

Sleep and sleep hygiene

Blue light blocking glasses 3-4 hours before sleep, I prefer red but orange is more popular. Red signals night to the brain. 19C (66F) sleep temperature, complete darkness and sleep tape.

I tape my mouth every night to make sure I only breath through my nose, otherwise my body and brain gets oxygen deprived during the night and it's also strenuous for the heart (can lead to fibrillation over time among other things, not to mention nervousness, anxiety, fatigue and attention disorders).

Youthfulness and looks

I don't use anything on my skin and I believe water is enough to make your hair nice and clean. I believe that the less we put on our skin the better, so I avoid that as much as possible and avoid aging of my skin by avoiding strong sun exposure, I avoid getting tanned, I avoid alcohol, don't eat sugar, starch or anything that will raise my blood sugar or create AGE (Advanced Glycation End Products) and limit toxin exposure to the best of my ability. And I try to sweat a lot, and during the winter in the north hemisphere I use different natural oils (like rosehip oil) to keep my skin nice and moist.

I'll write a longer post about natural beauty hacks, but in reality - avoid cellular damage = avoid aging.

I've also discovered some hacks for optimized style like the capsule wardrobe, DYT and other systems that make you look great, put together and professional with minimal effort and money. This is outside the field of biohacking but I'm interested in all cool 'hacks' regardless.

Productivity and time management

Even if adderall and modafinil is a game changer for a lot of biohackers, they raise your blood pressure and can cause you to hyper focus on the wrong stuff. I have been working with a timer for many years now, and it's so easy. I just start it when I start working and press 'pause' when I'm not working.

Total working hours divided by total hours in front of the computer = efficiency. I aim for 80% or more.

I've noticed that meditation is a great tool to sharpen your mind and train your ability to focus. If you are completely unaware of what focus and attention is, try to get wellbutrin from your doctor. It's adderall light, but you don't need an ADHD/ADD diagnosis to get it. Just tell your doctor that you need to quit smoking ;)

I'll write a longer post on this, there's some nutrition hacks here as well that I talked about on Sthlm Biohackersummit 2018.


What is intelligence? The ability to solve complex problems? The ability to steer your life in the direction you want? I believe intelligence is connected to focus, intuition and the ability to concentrate for long periods of time. A lot of biohackers use different intelligence tests to assess their intelligence, but I'm skeptical if it really makes a difference to increase your IQ score with X points.

I 'passed' the MENSA test 2006 because of my ability to see what's supposed to be in the ninth square, but my life was quite a mess at the time and I did a lot of stupid lifestyle choices that I wouldn't do today.

With that being said, 'intelligence' is not something I focus on very much and I'm not concerned about increasing my IQ score. Not because it's high enough, but because it doesn't matter.

Tests I do

I test the regular biomarkers in blood, and I also love poop tests, urine and saliva (saliva for hormones). I measure my weight, bodyfat%, blood sugar and ketones (blood and breath) on a regular basis and I enjoy designing my own n=1 experiments.

Current focus

I'm currently into intolerance testing and elimination of foods and things not well tolerated by my body. I do allergy tests and blood sugar testing to see if I can design the perfect diet for myself.

I'll write more about my hacks in my next post, thanks for reading this far. Remember that biohacking is very personal and what works for me might be useless or even dangerous for you. I'm not a doctor and this is not medical advice.

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