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Post carnivore insights

No, I'm no carnivore.

It's an elimination diet and I don't really need that, but being carnivore for a few weeks provided me with some interesting insights.

People with severe insulin resistance or autoimmune diseases might benefit from this diet long-term, but a well adjusted keto diet should be able to do that too. That's just my belief.

I realized during my experiments that a lot of people eat stuff they can't metabolize. Like dairy protein, nuts, seeds, different vegetables, avocados, butter... it can be anything really. ImuPro can test for 300 foods but an elimination diet can provide all the information you need and more, if you're patient enough.

Blood sugar tests reveal the truth

I test before I go to sleep, directly after I wake up and sometimes an hour after food intake.

I want my blood glucose to be below 4.5 mmol/l (80 mg/dl) in the morning and I want it to be one unit lower than that in the evening. If the numbers differs from this, there's some adverse reaction going on. The numbers comes from dr Lam.

What I've noticed so far is that my body dislikes coconut very, very much and that you can use alcohol to stop gluconeogenesis. It's not a great idea but it works.

I'll write more about this after a few more weeks of testing.

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