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Why I failed the carnivore diet, quit it and started it again

Uppdaterat: 15 jun 2018

I recently decided to try the carnivore diet for 4 weeks straight and then blog about my experiences. My way of doing things is to just jump right in and learn as I go along. It usually works very well even if I always aggravate people that RTFM and always follow recipes for everything. I’m not like that. Trial and error gives me a deeper understanding because it allows me to fail, and failing gives me a lot of stuff to analyze.

So jumping right into carnivore I didn’t really know what I was doing, and I experienced a lot of hypoglycemia and uncomfortable cravings because I ate too little energy and too much protein. There’s a lot of different sources of information about the carnivore diet, and the first (and best) articles I read was about eating uncooked meat. Raw rib eye steak, raw organ meats, raw everything. It sounds crazy and disgusting but there’s actually a lot of (or maybe not a lot, but a few) people living like that.

They’ve bet numerous diseases and look 20 years younger than their real age, it’s really cool and I wanted to try it so I started with raw liver (veil) but continued with cooked meats.

I’ve been keto (strict) for 8 years prior to this so I am used to a very stable blood sugar and used to being in ketosis, and too much protein made me hypoglycemic. Blood sugar plummeted and I felt very weak.

As I always update Instagram with my experiments, people started telling me all kinds of things like “eat more fat!” “add butter!” “add heavy cream!” “follow a ketogenic ratio!” so I followed some of the advice and ended up with a regular ketogenic diet, plus dairy products, minus veggies. It worked for me but still felt it was tricky to get enough calories without my coconut oil, MCT oil and all my veggies. I use broccoli and spinach as a carrier for fat, it’s harder to add fat to a steak.

So after 4 weeks I quit the experiment because I wanted to and ate my regular keto food. I immediately noticed histamine reactions to a few of my keto staples like coconut oil, MCT-oil and blueberries, and I went from no allergies (carnivore) to stuffy nose and itchy eyes (keto).

After a few days off, reflecting on my subjective experience, I decided to give it another go and do it the proper way. I eat meat when I'm hungry and drink water when I'm thirsty. No need to complicate things. Perhaps this diet is too easy to understand, perhaps animals would laugh their asses off is they knew how neurotic humans are about food.

I'll update again when I'm done with this testing phase.

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